IWWU - If we were you, we'd choose for our transparant way of working

How we work?

We believe in long-term relationships and we don’t need a contract.
Working without a contract guarantees you that we will maintain a high standard of service and work. Moreover, if a customer is unhappy with us, we doubt a contract will make him feel any better.
This however requires an open relationship in which both you and we speak out and tell if things are not going the way they should be.

What we prefer is this: we make a general budget or a quote describing what we are going to do and deliver. Quotes are based on an hourly rate but are “fixed fee”, which means we work till it works. If we have to work more than foreseen we simply make less profit. If we’re done early: we make more. That is how we keep it as simple as it can be for all.

Our quotes are base on hourly rates:
Strategy: 125 euro
Concept: 125 euro
Graphic design: 100 euro
Copywriting: 100 euro
Project management: 100 euro
Repetitive graphic design: 90 euro

This way of working seems best as most of our clients stay with us for many years.

Our view on pitches

We understand companies want to pitch. But…In our line of business, pitching for a budget means writing the strategy and creating concepts. An average pitch results in about 10 days of work for us. So please consider this before organising a pitch.

Also consider this: since we don’t work with contracts, we’re not tied to each other so if the first assignment is not a success, a client can still end the cooperation if he wishes so… It hardly ever happens, but it happened.

A first contact: what happens?

We will listen, mostly. Of course, if you insist, we will tell you about who we are and what we believe in. We will show you some work, but we guess you already screened us online.
More interesting will be your story. We will want to learn how your company is like, how you are like. What your business model is and where your ambitions lie. Also we will want to know what you expect from us.
Depending on your question or needs we will then make you a proposal. A first strategic approach, a rough budget or maybe even some creative stuff because our creative people couldn’t be restrained from it.

The first line of the budget will be “concept and strategy”. If we completely drop the ball on this, you don’t pay anything. We just kiss and say goodbye. If you do like what we prepared – which is, to be honest, mostly the case – we will fine-tune and forge it into a plan. From now on you are a client and we officially love you.

A workflow

Everything we do for our clients is traceable and archived. You yourself can keep a copy if you want to, but you don’t have to.
We spend a lot of time making a digital job folder for each task. In short term that results in an extra 15 minutes per job, but in the long run you will be very happy with this when you ask us about the banner we made 3 years ago. And if for whatever reason you would decide to leave us, you get all the files, well-structured on your hard disk.

Mi office is su office

We chose for Mechelen as our location. Within walking distance from the train station, less than 5 minutes from the motorway exit.
We’ve got a nice meeting room, powerful Wi-Fi, great coffee and tasteful tea. So if you‘re a client and whenever you are in need of a meeting location between Antwerp and Brussels, or you need a tranquil place to work for a few hours, just give us a call. You will be most welcome.

Open collaboration

We often work closely together with marketing consultants, event planners, web designers and PR professionals, so if we can lend a hand in servicing or adding value or creative power, just contact us.