IWWU - Goodwill: giving back to society is something we take seriously


We are a company operating in a society where life is good. We all make an honest living out of the advertising business, so giving back is something we take seriously. About 20 days a year we work for charity. With pleasure and conviction.
 Should you be inspired please do not hesitate to contact some of the charities we support, especially our structural partner “De Poel”, an organisation that takes care of mentally disabled adults. They are really suffering from recent budget cuts in social security. Their initiative is largely based on gifts and sponsorship of companies. To support them, we take care of their corporate identity and communication tools free of charge.

Another non-profit organisation we support, is “Go for Grandmaster”. This is an initiative launched by enthusiastic chess-players from the business world in order to promote Belgian youth chess and to accompany them with professional guidance. This way, the organisation wants to coach young chess players to get to the top, and who knows, grow to one or more grandmasters. Are you also passionate about chess or do the values associated with the game match your company values? Do not hesitate to contact them. After all, the organisation is based on voluntary work, but especially on support so they can participate in international competitions.

Destiny encourages its employees to make a positive contribution to our society. In 2018, one of the two founders, Daan, is going to participate in the Uganda Challenge. He will moutainbike 600 kilometers in 6 days to support the charity Amref Flying Doctors. Besides the personal challenge, he has the ambition to donate all the money he collects to this good cause. We will support Daan during his adventure!

De Kampenhoeve vzw in Kampenhout is a therapeutic centre that focuses on helping children and adults with a mental and/or physical disability through contact with donkeys and horses. Contact with a donkey can contribute to improving the quality of life on a physical, mental, psychological and social level. At De Kampenhoeve they know that donkeys are not stubborn, but actually very smart, sweet and fantastic animals for therapy. The mission of De Kampenhoeve is to help as many children as possible using ansinotherapy. In order to do so, they need money and publicity. To support them we take care of their branding and marketing tools. We are very happy to help! Support them and give a thumbs-up on Facebook!