IWWU - Questions? If we were you, we'd check our FAQ


Do I, as a customer, get a say in the designs?
Yes, you do. We will use our experience and imagination in search for the right tone, we will advise you and show you different options, but naturally your opinion matters in this.

What are the prices of your agency?
Prices in the market vary from 55 to 250 euro/hour. All information about our rates can be found here.

How quickly do you respond? What are the timings?
This depends on your needs and demands. Some of our clients demand a “within 4 business hours response”. We love it. Speed is part of our service.

What is ‘account handling’ or ‘project coordination’?
It is the caretaking. Your jobs are followed up, archived, every file is checked before it gets to you, we have to plan, invoice, quote, call, mail, skype.

What do you need to get started?
A good briefing is essential. In writing is perfect, but your target can just as well be discussed during a meeting. The ideal situation? Both. Just to get everything straight and clear.

We are very happy with our own web designer, can we keep on working with him?
Yes, you can. We will help him, but only if needed.

We have someone internally so we are just looking for a sparring partner and/or a second opinion. Can you provide?
Yes, we can. We often only advise companies.

If we order a design, will we just get one single proposal?
No, you will get a number of them. How many proposals you’ll get will depend on us reducing our longlist of ideas to a valid shortlist. Sometimes it‘ll be 2 and sometimes it’ll be 5. On top: if you’re not entirely satisfied with one of them, we’ll make corrections or start over.

Other FAQ’s?
Still left with a burning question? Just ask. We’ll respond within the next business day.

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