The question that we most often get asked has to be: are you a digital or a classic agency?

From the point of view of ‘If We Were You’, that’s a question that rankles a little.

Sure, we mostly work digitally, but we don’t do that because we are a digital agency. We do it like that because that’s what our customers need. We create and give advice on what works best for our customers. So yes, that might also include something ‘in print’.


We will give you advice that is based on figures and our experience: honest, insightful advice that is also straightforward. Want to create a strong image? Want to define clear positioning? As a brand, you want to stand out, build your own identity, and be recognised for your unique qualities. We use strategic positioning workshops to draw up a clear plan or catchy pitch so you can appeal to your target group. Ready to take on the world? That’s what we’d do, if we were you.

Creative input
Okay, so you have a great product or service – in fact, your entire company is pretty great – but how do you translate this into clear and ultimately convincing communications? Let creativity come to the rescue! We know what works wonders… fluent texts, creative, beautiful and powerful images, and fully rounded concepts, all of which are customised for the channel and target group. Your customer may not put this in words, but they choose with their heart. And that’s the truth.

The right means of communication
You can’t imagine it, so we’ll do it. But then again, you don’t even have to think it up – we’ll do it for you. At this point, we used to show you a list of over 50 tools, all the things that we do. And even though Google liked the idea of that, the user experience when confronted with such a list, wasn’t great. You are our user: we care about you. So we no longer have a long list – sorry Google! – instead, we show you a list of tools on our landing page. From corporate communication to employer branding and from product marketing to internal communications, take a look at our case studies and discover how versatile we are.


If We Were You, is a certified SME advisor. SMEs* can therefore receive financial support to purchase services that improve the quality of their business. So in our case, for example, this could be how to draft a communications plan.

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*An SME is an independent company that has fewer than 250 employees and an annual turnover that does not exceed €50 million or a balance sheet total not exceeding €43 million.

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