When your team is the most important thing in your business, you go the extra mile.
The power of print.

For lots of companies, the people that work for them are their greatest asset. If you understand that and really mean it, then you act on the sentiment from time to time.

Nova Reperta is a close-knit team with a strong culture. We have invested in people, and we will continue to do so as part of our internal communications. A few times a year we spoil our colleagues and when we do something, we do it properly. That’s why we don’t communicate by e-mail, but instead send nice things in print.

The power of print is that it is tangible; the recipient knows that effort and money have gone into it, which makes them feel appreciated. So is it “necessary”? No, just as giving flowers to someone isn’t necessary, but if you are sincere and want to make an effort, you don’t just send someone an e-mail containing an animated gif of a bouquet, do you?! You simply give them some real flowers.

For Christmas, we made chocolate packages together with a nice card. For Easter, we made an aperitif package with a card while two people, including one of Nova Reperta’s partners, wore an Easter bunny suit to deliver some of these in person. For the annual beach event, we sent a printed invitation together with a waterproof mobile phone protector. And when it came to the annual brainstorm, we sent out a packet of nuts to help get your brain whirring.

All of this is about showing that you appreciate someone, that somebody enjoys working for you and that they want to remain with you.

Want to use your logo as a campaign vehicle? Google has been doing it for a long time.

For many companies, especially the big ones, it is impossible to use your logo for a campaign. However, Google does this on special days and it’s regarded as evidence that the company is creative.

  • Nova Reperta also took on the challenge of doing exactly this for:
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Cycling event
  • Beach event

Just for fun.

Videos, videos, videos. Because your followers will respond to this.

When companies do post on their social media channels, they are often disappointed by the response. It can often depend on the type of content as well as the format. Although we understand that video posts are much more expensive and take more effort, you also get an interaction rate that is 10–20 times higher than a static post. With a video post, you can immediately demonstrate that as a company, you invest time in your posts; this will be appreciated by customers, future employees, and in fact by all of your followers.

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