If We Were You brings Destiny values into focus

As a company, you can share certain values and design your missions, but then you actually have to carry these out and live up to them. More than that, it is crucial that your employees also live and breathe them. But it’s not always obvious how to make that happen. How do these values find their way into their daily lives without becoming too didactic?
If We Were You channelled their interior designer and warmly adorned the walls at Destiny with quotes that put the company’s values into practice. Around places that see a lot of footfall like the coffee machine, the stairs, the car park, the printers, etc., we hinted at the heart of Destiny through puns. All while keeping to Destiny branding, of course!

In addition to the values, we also shine a spotlight on Destiny’s internal activities six times a year. This is a digital newsletter about upcoming activities, team events, new colleagues and customers.

That way, we can make sure everyone is on board. We are literally creating unified communications… just as it should be.

Testimonial videos for Destiny. The making of…

In line with the saying that “an enthusiastic customer is your best advert”, we produced dynamic testimonial videos for telecom and cloud company Destiny. Armed with our camera in our hand, we wanted to allow Destiny customers to have their say. They told us all about the solutions that Destiny had created for them, the way in which they cooperated and the – mostly rosy – future plans. The result is a video lasting approximately one minute in length, which can be used both on their website and on social media, albeit cut into short fragments.

If We Were You contacted the relevant clients, arranged the meeting, drew up the scenario and carried out the interview. And then for the camera and editing work, we worked with a great and dependable freelance partner. Because we have been working together for many years, we only need to glance at each other to grasp what’s going on and know how to work well together. In order to perfectly capture that moment of fame lots of necessary lighting and sound checks need to be carried out… not without a little bit of hard work on the part of the interviewee as well ;-).

Destiny and If We Were You… as it should be

At the age of 15, Samuel De Wever founded his first telecom company together with his brother, Daan. . In 2008, they started Destiny, a great story and a company full of ambition. The Belgian telecoms market for SMEs is dominated by Proximus and Telenet, but they prefer to focus on the residential and corporate markets As a result, standard telecom packages are too expensive and not adapted to the individual needs of companies.

Destiny does things differently. This telecom player listens to its customers and only suggests what they think the company needs or can use to improve its operations. They can make companies more competitive and usually offer a lower price. So we thought of ‘telecom as it should be’. And that immediately became our baseline. In addition to the logo and baseline, we created a website, job website, name badges, brochures, a letter template, envelopes, office branding, roll-up banners, testimonials, advertisements, product sheets, merchandising, office branding, internal newsletters, etc.
It’s a lot of work, but it’s also communications… as it should be.

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