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When looking for a brand positioning agency who is experienced in B2B, you have found the perfect partner in If we were you. We believe we can help you achieve success with your products or services. As a strong agency we see your B2B brand positioning to thrive. We would love to help you do just that.

We are your brand positioning agency for all B2B communication

We love a good challenge. When clients approach our agency with their B2B brand positioning questions, we get all excited. We enjoy coming up with creative and beautiful solutions for every client. We work in a transparent and open manner. Our methods are simple and effective. We are happy to help you with:

  • Corporate communication
  • Product communication
  • Internal communication
  • Lead generation

Creatieve campagnes
An effective plan
Correct Positioning

Do you want more information or do you have questions?

Do you want to get in touch?

We would love for you to do so. Consider us to be the agency to figure out your B2B brand positioning. You can reach us on +32(0)15 284 900 or send an email to We work in the way our name suggests. We come up with solutions of which we can say: If we were you. So, if we were you, we would call us!

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