...We'd believe that good communication is as
stimulating as black coffee

Bruno, art director at iwwu






WE WORK FOR           

– B2B companies
– Mix B2B-B2C companies
– Government



Marketing consultancy
– Interim marketing management
– Communications consultancy
– Project management
– Concept development
– Graphic design
– Web design and social media strategy
– Production


Our customers can also benefit from our large network of companies or suppliers. So if you ever need to get in touch with someone or you
are looking for partners/information in a conceptual phase of a project, do not hesitate to call and we’ll see if we can help you.



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We are certified as a “KMO portefeuille” advisor so if you

– are situated in the Flemish region
– are a private company (not governmental)
– have less then 250 employees
– have a turnover of less then 250 million euro


you’re entitled to governmental support.

Check it out: www.agentschapondernemen.be/themas/kmo-portefeuille


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A41, all for one, is the highway to success for a start-up or fast-growing company. This for any company that starts, builds or works on the process of bringing its
new business plan, business idea or project to the market. Every start-up or fast-growing business venture gets confronted with three major aspects: the administrative,
strategic and creative proces.


A41 can and is delighted to help out on these 3 aspects and tackles this in an innovative way:

with ready-made products and services
within a clear financial framework and with a clear planning
in association with a wide variety of experienced and independent experts (all-for-one)
with a single point of contact




Sigmund involves people with brands

From co-workers to customers. As a strategic communication agency, Sigmund helps organisations to change and grow. They will listen to you as well as your people.
That is how they translate company language into human language, from the inside to the outside, from start to end.At Sigmund they call it ‘building a brand from the inside out’. Because if you ask them, the best part of any brand is on the inside…


Sigmund finds solutions

Employer branding – a wide base for recruiting
Internal branding – your people behind your brand
Corporate branding – strong organization, strong brand
Brand positioning – story and style
Internal communication – overview and structure
Change communication – decreasing resistance
Merger communication – merging cultures
Marketing communication – from the inside
Integrated communication – consistent and efficient










Tom De Baere

Tom De Baere is passionate about B2B marketing – and even more passionate about meaningful marketing. Today it is increasingly difficult for companies to reach customers. Tom De Baere helps to change organizations so they become more relevant to the business of their customers, and become more attracted to these organizations.

He does this by building an internal company culture of content, social media, openness and authenticity. This change is done by introducing new processes, tools and skills.

He is considered an expert in digital marketing, content marketing and change management. If you want to know more about Tom, check out his LinkedIn profile or his blog.










Raf Stevens

Raf Stevens heeft meer dan twintig jaar ervaring in communicatie. Tien jaar geleden besliste hij zijn passie te volgen: storytelling. Sindsdien begeleidde Raf tientallen organisaties en hun leiders bij het zoeken naar verhalen en bij het inzetten ervan om verbinding te realiseren. Hij is partner bij het bureau Storytelling People en gelicentieerd Storytelling for Leaders® trainer.